Environment - Cian Du Giorgi Winery - Cinque Terre

Respect for Nature: a viticulture at the service of life
It is through heroic viticulture that we create a symbiosis between man and land.
Here, there is no mechanization, no tractors, just perseverance and a lot of good will.
The vineyards are worked exclusively by hand and are accessible via steep paths.

Heroic viticulture imposes on the men and women who work this difficult territory a certain sensitivity and direct contact with the surrounding environment; a delicate balance between flora and fauna that create the special harmony of this land.

It is therefore primordial for us to use the most natural and respectful practices possible: no insecticides, no weed killers and no other practices that go against our values.

Because every step counts, let’s move forward together to change things for the better and amplify the positive impact of the ecological transition.
You will find on this page all the information you need for better disposal of bottles and packaging of our wines.

In all honesty, it is our hope that you like our carefully crafted bottles so much that you no longer want to throw them away, but rather that you keep them as decoration for your interior.

It is one more chance to stay close to you!