The story - Cian Du Giorgi Winery - Cinque Terre

“Cián du Giorgi” is a small and precious winery located in the Cinque Terre National Park. Small as all the wineries of these lands, precious because it contributes to maintain an extremely fragile territory.

Riccardo Giorgi and Adeline Maillard are the owners of the winery, a couple in their life and in their work, but most of all, wine experts and constantly looking for authenticity and beauty.

After years spent in Bordeaux where Riccardo works as an enologist in some prestigious chateaux and Adeline, a French woman, in charge of wine marketing, they decide to leave France.

They renounce to certainties and comforts in order to pursue a dream, thanks to the long summers spent in Italy which increase Riccardo’s nostalgia for his country and make Adeline develop a deeper and deeper love for what will become her adopted land.

Another factor influencing the young couple’s decision to move to Liguria was the state of abandonment of the Cinque Terre vineyards, a blow to the heart of someone like Riccardo who has spent years travelling around Europe restoring neglected vineyards.

The final piece of the puzzle is fate: in 2017 there is a vineyard for sale in Riomaggiore and another above Vernazza. And it is here, precisely in San Bernardino, that Riccardo and Adeline move into a lovely house with a cellar for future vinification, halfway between the two estates.

In 2018 ” Cián du Giorgi”, translated from the local dialect as ‘Giorgi’s terraces‘, became a reality. From this moment on, Riccardo and Adeline are to all intents and purposes winemakers in the Cinque Terre, the true maintainers of this unique landscape.