Our Vineyards - Cian Du Giorgi Winery - Cinque Terre

The vineyards of “Cián du Giorgi” have a History of over a hundred years and extend over steep slopes for a total surface area of 1 hectare, divided into 3,500 square metres in Riomaggiore and about 6,500 square metres, in Vernazza, 500 metres above sea level. The access is only possible on foot or by one of the typical railways of this side of Liguria, the famous ‘little trains’ of the Cinque Terre.

The aim of the new winegrowing couple is to recover the existing vines, some of which are century old, and bring them back to life. This is a difficult choice and requires a great deal of care and energy, as well as great skill. But it is precisely in this rebirth, which not only concerns a vineyard heritage to be saved but also their very existence, that Riccardo and Adeline find the most authentic sense of their enterprise.

The first census, necessary to discover the types of cultivation present on the recovered land, revealed the presence of indigenous varieties such as Bosco, Albarola, Vermentino, Ruzzese, Rossese, Scimiscià and Picabon and, given that there are different clones for each variety, the census still continues to this day.

The restoration of the old vineyards also includes the restoration of the dry stone walls, another symbol of these fragile places, reconstructed stone by stone with the only possible means: the helicopter. This is how Riccardo and Adeline’s vineyards, cared for like their children, are slowly being reborn, thanks in part to decisions taken with respect for the plants, renouncing all types of herbicides.

The type of trellising system chosen, the low pergola, the most traditional in the Cinque Terre, is an example of the respect of tradition: in the shelter of the pergola, from which the sunlight and the salty sea breeze filter in, the grapes ripen at their best and the vines remain healthy.

And Riccardo and Adeline, with a little shade at their disposal, can work in the vineyard even in the hottest hours, even if they sacrifice a little comfort, huddled under the starry leaves and growing berries.

But as you know, all the winegrowers of the Cinque Terre give up their comforts, forced to work on impervious terraces, rewarded by the enchantment of marvellous views.